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Mihi nomen est Lena.

I finished my sophomore year in high school this year. I have completed Latin III and am eager to take AP Latin Catullus and Ovid next year.
I greatly enjoy taking Latin and learning about the Classics in general, (I'm even considering majoring in the classics) and I can be pretty competitive, so needless to say, CERTAMEN AMO! Sadly, however, my school isn't very serious when it comes to certamen. (I plan to change that next year.)

I've only been in JCL for two years because I did both Latin I and II my first year, but I attended OJCL convention last year and am going to go to NJCL convention this year. Although it's highly unlikely I'll make it on, I'd want to try out for the upper level Ohio team this year, if I only knew a little more about how to try out for it. Regardless, I will play some form of certamen at NJCL, most likely open certamen.

For a funny certamen incident:
So, last year, even though I and another student had both pretty much already started Latin II, we were competing on level one certamen at OJCL. The both of us were answering pretty much all of the questions our team was answering. Now, the only time I remember either of the other two answering a question, was when a question about one of the kings of Rome. I don't know much about Roman history, and the guy who was also pretty good with certamen didn't know the answer. One of the other two on our team buzzed in and answered AUGUSTUS, for a question asking about a Roman KING. I just thought that was pretty funny.

Yeah, we actually ended up really close to making it to the finals, but the last question was asking when Romans would've worn a toga pulla, and I knew the answer (duh, it's the toga of mourning), but the other guy buzzed in first and guessed wrong. I was pretty upset, neither of the other teams knew the answer, and they ended up having to do a tiebreaker. If we had gotten that toss-up, we would've been in the finals. Eheu. But oh well.

Hmm, on another note, does anyone else think it'd be fun to ask each other certamen-type questions? It could be a great opportunity for everyone here to gain a little more knowledge.
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