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Subject:Funny answers
Time:08:17 pm
Well, today was our first upper practice...

Question: Distinguish in meaning between avis and avus.
Answer: avis=bird, avus=grandfather

R: What if your grandfather has a really really long nose?
M: Probably he still wouldn't have wings...
S: What if you were a bird and your grandfather was also a bird?
M: Then...most likely you would not be playing certamen...

It was a very good time. :) Does anyone else have fun stories? Valete!
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Subject:Quick funny answer
Time:03:07 pm
Current Mood:tiredtired
I was reading lower questions a couple weeks ago...

Me: Dic Anglice, "pulchros equos video."
2nd-year: I see many bulls and horses?

Sorry I can't think of any other ones. We haven't played much Certamen recently. Hopefully we'll start again this week or next, so I'll have more funny stories! 
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Subject:Best Certamen Theme Ever!
Time:08:38 pm
Current Mood:chipperchipper
So, the MDJCL isn't having a regular Autumalia; instead- they're having a Harry Potter themed Certamen thing. Yay! Of course my team (Advanced whoo!) is terrified. Just wanted to share the interesting news.
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Time:11:52 am
Current Mood:happyhappy
Mihi nomen est Lena.

I finished my sophomore year in high school this year. I have completed Latin III and am eager to take AP Latin Catullus and Ovid next year.
I greatly enjoy taking Latin and learning about the Classics in general, (I'm even considering majoring in the classics) and I can be pretty competitive, so needless to say, CERTAMEN AMO! Sadly, however, my school isn't very serious when it comes to certamen. (I plan to change that next year.)

I've only been in JCL for two years because I did both Latin I and II my first year, but I attended OJCL convention last year and am going to go to NJCL convention this year. Although it's highly unlikely I'll make it on, I'd want to try out for the upper level Ohio team this year, if I only knew a little more about how to try out for it. Regardless, I will play some form of certamen at NJCL, most likely open certamen.

For a funny certamen incident:
So, last year, even though I and another student had both pretty much already started Latin II, we were competing on level one certamen at OJCL. The both of us were answering pretty much all of the questions our team was answering. Now, the only time I remember either of the other two answering a question, was when a question about one of the kings of Rome. I don't know much about Roman history, and the guy who was also pretty good with certamen didn't know the answer. One of the other two on our team buzzed in and answered AUGUSTUS, for a question asking about a Roman KING. I just thought that was pretty funny.

Yeah, we actually ended up really close to making it to the finals, but the last question was asking when Romans would've worn a toga pulla, and I knew the answer (duh, it's the toga of mourning), but the other guy buzzed in first and guessed wrong. I was pretty upset, neither of the other teams knew the answer, and they ended up having to do a tiebreaker. If we had gotten that toss-up, we would've been in the finals. Eheu. But oh well.

Hmm, on another note, does anyone else think it'd be fun to ask each other certamen-type questions? It could be a great opportunity for everyone here to gain a little more knowledge.
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Current Music:I Should Tell You-RENT
Subject:MDJCL National Convention
Time:09:04 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
This tecnically happened the 28th of April but better late than never.'m Sarah. Level III, and apparently an MDJCL champion(s).
Our Latin III team- yeah two people-me and a boy i'll call C. Of course there qwere only two other LatinIII teams there. Our teacher wrote a round (why yues that was the one in which we got the highest number of points) and one of the questions was something about Caesar's Gallic wars (the 1st book)we both slap in, and get it right. our bonus- give the first line, in latin, and translate. C and I grin and immediately begin reciting, in unison (and spend the break trying to remember the rest of it. Another amusing thing (and the last) the other team-the one that was hosting- they may have beaten us in culture, but at least we knew what the ablative case was (although i did wantt he ablative of the kitchen[sink])
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Subject:For the win!
Time:09:14 pm
Certamen was last saturday and...wow. I can't say how freakishly amazing it was.

Some background; for the last five years, my team's record has been something along the lines of, first, third, first, first and....well, that will wait until later.

So we're pretty good, right? Last year was kind of disgusting in terms of our margin of win, because the final round was something around 150 points for us...out of 200, with two other teams. We rock the buzzers.

This year was...well, I was a bit nervous, but my two other teammates were feeling pretty good about it. Until, of course, we tied with another team from Waynesboro at 445 at the end of the third round.

The final was more than intense. We were under these incredibly bright stage lights and the table burned if we touched it. Both teams were sweating bullets under these things and we were literally neck and neck the entire round! So, it comes down to Waynesboro: 110, My team: 100. Toss ups are worth 10, bonus' five. The question is a triple rhyme (worst question ever; a phrase in Latin which rhymes in English ie, See the bee in the tree). We get it. We miss the bonus. Officially, the round is over, and we are tied.

We are shaking. One of the kids on the other team was twitching. So we settled on another question to determine who would have first.

Name three words for the 'sea' in the Aeneid.

Padma buzzes in. Bob and I sink back; Padma is Latin-grammar-genius-boy and we know he's got this.




The judges exchange looks. They decide 'oceanus' is not apropriate.

Waynesboro answers with the same first two and the addition of aequor. This is acceptable.

There was a sinking feeling, but at the same time, I was proud of my team. There has never been a certamen more intense than what we had just experienced (we literally couldn't walk after--there was staggering off the stage).

And then...

And then, out of curiosity, our Latin teacher goes home to look up the word. The definition is Oceanus: the ocean/sea which encircles the world. There is post-certamen deliberation among the judges. We didn't expect Waynesboro to give back the first place, so we're splitting first.

Technically,though, we won.

Sweet, sweet victory.

Alright--certamen jokes/amusing lapsus linguae:

Q: Who was the Corinthian King sent back from Hades because he had not been buried properly?

A: Syphilis!

B: [Insert seven names here] led the attack on what city?

D: [Before answering]: How many names is that?

B: Seven.

D: Thebes!

B: What the h-ll?

[Seven against Thebes. Go Greek theater!]

Oh, we also had limerics, but unfortunately, I can't remember any. I may post some later.
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Subject:Salvete omnes!!
Time:03:14 pm
Current Mood:geeky
Salvete! Nomen mihi est Sarah, et discipula in classa secunda Latina sum. Magistrum meum non amo. Habito in Ohio. Yeah...anyway...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Cinema Romana questions and the music ones, but they've stopped asking them and I'm REALLY sad. I'm also a fan of translation, roots, and common Latin phrases.
I really want there to be a question asking for the verb at the ultimate root of confetti (facio), one asking who Cynthia is (Artemis/Diana), and one asking for the ultimate roots of centripetal and cetrifugal (peto and fugio).

At the Ohio JCL convention this year, our lower team didn't make it to the finals, but the "team" from Sycamore did. (If the student from Sycamore ever reads this, you are AMAZING!!!!) Their lower team was one boy, and he was really cool. It was so neat that he actually got to the finals!

Favorite response of mine (in practice): "Who were Hercules' parents? 'Zeus and Amphitrion'"
Other favorite responses: "Responde Latine--what answer would you expect to a question starting with 'nonne'? 'Yes'" "Who was Pandora's husband? 'Andromeda'"

Anyway, finding this community made my day. Certamen amo!! Valete!
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Time:07:47 pm
Name- Sarah
Level- III
Favorite answer- Sex
Favorite answre given by another- Cannot remeber the question but the team guessed P. Diddy.
Would love to ask- A little themne I have- Let's talk About Sex- and all the questiond would invovle the number six like 'Who was the sixth king of Rome?'
Would like to be asked- Ooh, the Cinema Romana questions, and the songs. We got 'Hollaback Girl' once.
Something humorous- We had an MDJCL Autumnalia yesterday and my team got three or so points just because when i slap in, the desk shakes and everyone jumps. The proctor liked that. And she kept calling me 'Miss Priss,' scenario- the question was smething like whose kid-Phaeron or something- died on a wild firery ride? The answer- Helois. Everyone else-even our team right after the first ones got it wrong- said Apollo. And afterwards, the mod was all' I'm sure we were all thinking Apollo' My response- 'I wasn't.'
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Subject:*pokes* Is it still alive?
Time:08:04 am
Hey guys, Um...so I got some news today that I feel like sharing. Does anyone know the Medusa Mythology Exam? More about that later.

Certamen wasn't as fun this year...well, no, that's a lie. It wasn't as hard. We were supposedly paired against the hardest teams for Advanced (Who took Latin AP Virgil this year? *dies*), and they were...well, disappointing. We basically creamed them and even when a round was cut and had some extra time, our proctor read the questions that were cut...and we weren't allowed to answer until after the two other teams had. That was fun.

Anyway, I expect all of you know the NLE, being (assumedly) Latin students. But some of you may know the Medusa Mythology exam, which is the NLE of mythology. Each year they have a theme and this years was Heracles. Now I love mythology, almost more than certamen and well, needless to say I got a gold medal on the exam. That was exciting. But what was more exciting was the fact that I got to write an essay/story, with the prompt of "Imagine Eurystheus had demanded another labor of Heracles and tell that story."

Well, I told that story.

I got an email this morning which told me that I had won the Minerva award. I was shaking so hard I could barely type.
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Subject:hey all
Time:01:47 pm
Salvete, appellata sum Claire. Discipula in quarto anno Latinae sum et habito Wisconsine ... how's that for off the top of my head *rolls eyes* I've participated in Nationals Certamen for the past two years, looking forward to rocking the upper-level competition in Indiana this summer XD My favorite type of question.... anything about Tacitus (I get really excited about Tacitus), or anyone with a funny name (Lucius Menucius. Mettius Fufettius. Silius Italicus. Even Titus Tatius can make me giggle), or "Age Sequentem". ^_^

I have an issue for the certamen community's consideration (ooooh, alliteration ^.^), something that came up in certamen at our state convention this week: do you think it's accurate to call Vergil the author of Catalepton? It was in the form Q. Who wrote Catalepton? A. Vergil and... I didn't register a protest but I think I should have. The work is traditionally attributed to him, but my sources (Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Lit and Conte's Latin Literature: A History) say it's of extremely dubious authenticity; Oxford says of the fourteen epigrams in Catalepton "perhaps a few are authentic", i.e. actually written by Vergil.

Badly worded question, do you think? I'm sure it was "who was the author" and not "who was it attributed to" because I had been reading about how Vergil probably did not actually write it, and couldn't say who had.

Or am I overthinking it? We don't know who actually wrote it if Vergil didn't. And it's often attributed to him. It's at least "Vergilian".

I'm in nitpick mode, and looking for justification. (:

(question x-posted to apocolocyntosis, njcl02)

Anyway... good to be here, I look forward to getting to know y'all better. ^.^ Avete!
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