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Subject:I make'd pretties!
Time:04:37 pm
Well, in the rush to "do random stuff before school starts!" I have been making Harry Potter/Certamen graphics.

Well, all right, I've got one icon (not posting because . . . I don't want to, and I'm planning on making a matching) but I did make a certamen-studying binder in my total nerdiness, and then I made a cover for it using art by potterpuffs and, well . . . I now have

Aaaaand Here there be spiney.

Yes, I have a binder of Certamen practice stuff that is horizontally orientated.

Shut up.
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Time:07:12 pm
Name: Eleanor
Occupation: Student, completed Latin I in June and competed at that level at the most recent Nationals
Favorite question: "Who was sent to Rome from Carth--" *buzz* "Regulus!" And then my captain deferred on the 1st bonus . . . I'm sure if I thought I could find some funny ones, but I'm most proud of my performance on that question.
Favorite Answer: "Where'd you get that dress?"
Favorite answer given by another: "What tools enabled Bellerephon to kill the Chimera?" Doyle: "He had a flying horse and a spear."
Would like to write: "Give the Latin adjective and its meaning at the root of the English word Candidate" And I would specify that "white" would need elaboration. And the boni would be absolutely killer . . .
Would like to be asked: "Which type of ablative is used . . ." and the answer would be "Ablative of the kitchen". Because "Which type of ablative" is the only type of pure grammar I suck at (Grammar 3rd at Nationals, but Certamen 8th, because there's a lot less pure grammar in the language questions than there is in Wisconsin) and if I have no clue it's what I'd say.
Something humorous: When I buzz in and answer "Via Sacra" and so everyone else goes "Ohshit" and answers other streets right away, and the answer is actually "viam sacram" . . .

Also: Does anyone know if anyone's planning on selling the Aurelia t-shirts online? Because that would be rockin', and I don't want to have to wait for next year to get one -- it could be Intimidation Strategy shirt at state, rather than the Distraction Strategy I'll utilize instead (and which I'd utilized at Nationals semis . . .)
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Subject:Certamen at Nationals
Time:10:26 pm
This year was absolutely amazing on all levels of Certamen. On the novice level, our team from Massachusetts won Certamen. This may not seem like a feat to others, but for the state of Massachusetts, this was amazing and unexpected. WE have NEVER won a championship. But, Florida and Texas were fantastic. On the Lower level Texas won with an astounding 190 points. Great job, Texas!! And Ohio, along with thegrubbie05 and beeeep won the upper certamen finals by five points, a fantastic race to the last drop. Congrats to all the finalists and winners!
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Time:09:53 pm
Name: Jacob Meister
School Currently Attending: Boston Latin School
Level of Latin: Latin I, second year as a novice--JOY!!(But Cicero next year...even more joyful)
Relation to JCL: Long time (relatively) Latin nerd and student
Funny Stories with Buzzers:
At the Boston Latin Academy scrimmage, I hyperbuzzed on a question involving the uasge of the ablative case in a sentence. It was novice level, and by a stroke of luck, I said "Ablative of Means" and got it right. Felt very special afterwards.
Would love to ask on the upper level, final round: What is the traditional date...(have many people buzz in, say April 21st, 753 BC), and then continue to say...of the sack of Troy?
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Subject:Save Latin at this high school!
Time:07:22 am
I took my first Latin course nearly 10 years ago and I hear my high school is currently trying to cancel a third year Latin course, so they can make room for science/math/business and other more "practical" courses. This is ridiculous. The decision will be made Friday and we need as much support as possible.

Please read more about it here:

And take the time to sign the petition here and be sure to add comments on how Latin has been important in your life / why it should be kept:

If you could spread the URL and get everyone you know to sign this, it would be much appreciated! Thanks for your support everyone!
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Current Music:The Kinks - My Sharona
Time:04:43 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
TSJCL convention was last weekend, and certamen was as awesome as ever.

Area F, I've decided, is unbeatable. Andrew and I are now the only two people in the history of Area F certamen to win 4 (yes, i said four) state championships in a row.

we won the first round (against San Antonio) by alot, and we had finals won by question 15.

Woohoo! big giant trophy!
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Time:03:41 pm
Hey, since everyone here seems to be either a. on higher levels of Latin B. on higher levels of certamen (Nationals, yikes!) than I am, I was wondering if I could get some advice.

I live in Virginia and have played Certamen for two years. Our team this year consists of three Latin III students and an as yet unnamed upper level Latin student. Here's the lowdown on the team (yes, this has bearing)

1. Padma--can translate just about anything he sees or hears in two seconds flat, really, really good at grammar.
2. Bob--Sort of everywhere, he does culture and knows all the bizarre vocab words.
3. Me--Culture/History/Mythology person
4. ???

First question: is this a good set up for a certamen team?
Second question: In VA we don't use buzzers until the final round. My team can manage the hand slapping thing that is used to answer questions in the lower levels, but we can't manage to be fast enough on the buzzers. You guessed it, none of us play video games. So--any buzzer tips?

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Current Music:The Golden Apple--we'll se who get's this...
Subject:Salve...I'm new...
Time:11:42 pm
Name: Diana (No, honestly, I'm not kidding...it's really my name)

Occupation: Sophomore in Highschool

Level of study: Latin III

Favorite question: Last year there was a question that involved barnyard animals. We were required to respond like an animal. The guy on our team who answered it "ribbited". There was a moment of surprise on the questioners part and then he read the bonus. Come to think of it...we had some odd ones last year...

Buzzer story: Our certamen team has changed twice. The first year we had a guy named Tyler, who, upon our team getting to the final round, would not stop playing with his buzzer. We nearly had to duct tape his hands to the table...had that not have been...erm...forbidden?

Oh and Hooray for beating the AP kids for accuracy on the Mr. Julius Caesar quiz! Dr. Worley Rocks my socks!!!!!
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Subject:let me introduce myself
Time:10:41 pm
Current Mood:bouncyin pain
Name: Alison

Occupation: Senior in high school

Level of study: AP Vergil Latin V

Favorite question: there's some horribly long question from '93 upper about a drinking party involving ceasar, cicero, horace and vergil all getting drunk and at the end the actual question is 'what year did catullus die?' it was asked in practice, and i was laughing too hard to buzz in.

Buzzer story: national upper finals last year (at U richmond) my team mate buzzed in ont he last question (directions, of course) too early so the only thing he heard was 'walk to the table and put on the helmet' so he did and when the mod asked him if that was his complete answer, he said no and (knowing he was supposed to say or do something else) said "we won" (because we did, whether we got the question or not) in front of the entire audience to great laughter.

I *heart* certamen.
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Subject:New Jersey Certamen!
Time:04:39 pm
As is the first post custom...
Name: Katherine
Occupation: high school junior
Level of Study: Latin IV, upper level certamen second year.
Favorite Question (which was asked today, btw): Unfortunately, I don't remember the Latin direction or have the energy at the present to look it up. Basically, it was a direction question, do the following when recognized. You had to get up and sing "When A Man Loves A Woman". The reader in our room wouldn't give it to the person who just said the line. My team got it, and on the first bonus the entire team had to stand and say "We are frogs". I think the writer this year just wanted to make them really embarrassing.
Buzzer Story: I played -- and won -- lower level open certamen at the Trinity convention. However, the only time I used the buzzer was at buzzercheck, as I had two Texans and a Floridian on my team. And that is the only time I've used a buzzer so far, as NJ doesn't use it until the state playoff, so I should probably practice now.

The New Jersey certamen competition was today. Basically, each school fields one team in each level that competes to win their region, either North, Central, or South. There are three rounds, and total score determines the winner. My team, Gateway Upper, won South by a score of 485. The second place southern team only had 270. Now we have to go to states and play the winning North and Central teams. Unfortunately, both have competed on the national level and had more than a hundred points on us in the total score. So we'll see.
And I'm the only girl on our entire certamen team, so that's a load of fun.
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