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MDJCL National Convention

This tecnically happened the 28th of April but better late than never.'m Sarah. Level III, and apparently an MDJCL champion(s).
Our Latin III team- yeah two people-me and a boy i'll call C. Of course there qwere only two other LatinIII teams there. Our teacher wrote a round (why yues that was the one in which we got the highest number of points) and one of the questions was something about Caesar's Gallic wars (the 1st book)we both slap in, and get it right. our bonus- give the first line, in latin, and translate. C and I grin and immediately begin reciting, in unison (and spend the break trying to remember the rest of it. Another amusing thing (and the last) the other team-the one that was hosting- they may have beaten us in culture, but at least we knew what the ablative case was (although i did wantt he ablative of the kitchen[sink])
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