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For the win!

Certamen was last saturday and...wow. I can't say how freakishly amazing it was.

Some background; for the last five years, my team's record has been something along the lines of, first, third, first, first and....well, that will wait until later.

So we're pretty good, right? Last year was kind of disgusting in terms of our margin of win, because the final round was something around 150 points for us...out of 200, with two other teams. We rock the buzzers.

This year was...well, I was a bit nervous, but my two other teammates were feeling pretty good about it. Until, of course, we tied with another team from Waynesboro at 445 at the end of the third round.

The final was more than intense. We were under these incredibly bright stage lights and the table burned if we touched it. Both teams were sweating bullets under these things and we were literally neck and neck the entire round! So, it comes down to Waynesboro: 110, My team: 100. Toss ups are worth 10, bonus' five. The question is a triple rhyme (worst question ever; a phrase in Latin which rhymes in English ie, See the bee in the tree). We get it. We miss the bonus. Officially, the round is over, and we are tied.

We are shaking. One of the kids on the other team was twitching. So we settled on another question to determine who would have first.

Name three words for the 'sea' in the Aeneid.

Padma buzzes in. Bob and I sink back; Padma is Latin-grammar-genius-boy and we know he's got this.




The judges exchange looks. They decide 'oceanus' is not apropriate.

Waynesboro answers with the same first two and the addition of aequor. This is acceptable.

There was a sinking feeling, but at the same time, I was proud of my team. There has never been a certamen more intense than what we had just experienced (we literally couldn't walk after--there was staggering off the stage).

And then...

And then, out of curiosity, our Latin teacher goes home to look up the word. The definition is Oceanus: the ocean/sea which encircles the world. There is post-certamen deliberation among the judges. We didn't expect Waynesboro to give back the first place, so we're splitting first.

Technically,though, we won.

Sweet, sweet victory.

Alright--certamen jokes/amusing lapsus linguae:

Q: Who was the Corinthian King sent back from Hades because he had not been buried properly?

A: Syphilis!

B: [Insert seven names here] led the attack on what city?

D: [Before answering]: How many names is that?

B: Seven.

D: Thebes!

B: What the h-ll?

[Seven against Thebes. Go Greek theater!]

Oh, we also had limerics, but unfortunately, I can't remember any. I may post some later.
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