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Salvete omnes!!

Salvete! Nomen mihi est Sarah, et discipula in classa secunda Latina sum. Magistrum meum non amo. Habito in Ohio. Yeah...anyway...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Cinema Romana questions and the music ones, but they've stopped asking them and I'm REALLY sad. I'm also a fan of translation, roots, and common Latin phrases.
I really want there to be a question asking for the verb at the ultimate root of confetti (facio), one asking who Cynthia is (Artemis/Diana), and one asking for the ultimate roots of centripetal and cetrifugal (peto and fugio).

At the Ohio JCL convention this year, our lower team didn't make it to the finals, but the "team" from Sycamore did. (If the student from Sycamore ever reads this, you are AMAZING!!!!) Their lower team was one boy, and he was really cool. It was so neat that he actually got to the finals!

Favorite response of mine (in practice): "Who were Hercules' parents? 'Zeus and Amphitrion'"
Other favorite responses: "Responde Latine--what answer would you expect to a question starting with 'nonne'? 'Yes'" "Who was Pandora's husband? 'Andromeda'"

Anyway, finding this community made my day. Certamen amo!! Valete!
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