chutney ferret (agent_squeaks) wrote in certamen,
chutney ferret


Name- Sarah
Level- III
Favorite answer- Sex
Favorite answre given by another- Cannot remeber the question but the team guessed P. Diddy.
Would love to ask- A little themne I have- Let's talk About Sex- and all the questiond would invovle the number six like 'Who was the sixth king of Rome?'
Would like to be asked- Ooh, the Cinema Romana questions, and the songs. We got 'Hollaback Girl' once.
Something humorous- We had an MDJCL Autumnalia yesterday and my team got three or so points just because when i slap in, the desk shakes and everyone jumps. The proctor liked that. And she kept calling me 'Miss Priss,' scenario- the question was smething like whose kid-Phaeron or something- died on a wild firery ride? The answer- Helois. Everyone else-even our team right after the first ones got it wrong- said Apollo. And afterwards, the mod was all' I'm sure we were all thinking Apollo' My response- 'I wasn't.'
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