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*pokes* Is it still alive?

Hey guys, Um...so I got some news today that I feel like sharing. Does anyone know the Medusa Mythology Exam? More about that later.

Certamen wasn't as fun this year...well, no, that's a lie. It wasn't as hard. We were supposedly paired against the hardest teams for Advanced (Who took Latin AP Virgil this year? *dies*), and they were...well, disappointing. We basically creamed them and even when a round was cut and had some extra time, our proctor read the questions that were cut...and we weren't allowed to answer until after the two other teams had. That was fun.

Anyway, I expect all of you know the NLE, being (assumedly) Latin students. But some of you may know the Medusa Mythology exam, which is the NLE of mythology. Each year they have a theme and this years was Heracles. Now I love mythology, almost more than certamen and well, needless to say I got a gold medal on the exam. That was exciting. But what was more exciting was the fact that I got to write an essay/story, with the prompt of "Imagine Eurystheus had demanded another labor of Heracles and tell that story."

Well, I told that story.

I got an email this morning which told me that I had won the Minerva award. I was shaking so hard I could barely type.
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