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Claire Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim

hey all

Salvete, appellata sum Claire. Discipula in quarto anno Latinae sum et habito Wisconsine ... how's that for off the top of my head *rolls eyes* I've participated in Nationals Certamen for the past two years, looking forward to rocking the upper-level competition in Indiana this summer XD My favorite type of question.... anything about Tacitus (I get really excited about Tacitus), or anyone with a funny name (Lucius Menucius. Mettius Fufettius. Silius Italicus. Even Titus Tatius can make me giggle), or "Age Sequentem". ^_^

I have an issue for the certamen community's consideration (ooooh, alliteration ^.^), something that came up in certamen at our state convention this week: do you think it's accurate to call Vergil the author of Catalepton? It was in the form Q. Who wrote Catalepton? A. Vergil and... I didn't register a protest but I think I should have. The work is traditionally attributed to him, but my sources (Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Lit and Conte's Latin Literature: A History) say it's of extremely dubious authenticity; Oxford says of the fourteen epigrams in Catalepton "perhaps a few are authentic", i.e. actually written by Vergil.

Badly worded question, do you think? I'm sure it was "who was the author" and not "who was it attributed to" because I had been reading about how Vergil probably did not actually write it, and couldn't say who had.

Or am I overthinking it? We don't know who actually wrote it if Vergil didn't. And it's often attributed to him. It's at least "Vergilian".

I'm in nitpick mode, and looking for justification. (:

(question x-posted to apocolocyntosis, njcl02)

Anyway... good to be here, I look forward to getting to know y'all better. ^.^ Avete!
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